It also results in bitter leaves. Avoid planting in fully shaded areas. While all nine of these herbs appreciate some sunlight (don’t all plants), they will survive without much. Although it can grow in full sun where ample soil moisture is present, there is the risk of the plant bolting––or developing flower stalk that marks the end of its vegetative growth. Perennial herbs also love the sun, and they grow bigger year after year, often dying back in the winter to sprout again in spring. Ocimum basilicum is one of the easiest, and most versatile herbs you can grow in the sunny garden. 9 Best Herbs That Grow in Full Sun. The tall plant’s leaves can be added to soups and salads in place of lemon or other acidic ingredients. 1. Zone: 5+ Sunlight requirements: Full sun and partial shade. Partial shade helps maintain the taste and flavor of the herb … Sage and thyme are two good perennial herbs. Basil. 9 Herbs That Grow in The Shade. Sorrel is an incredibly easy-to-grow perennial herb that offers an impressive appearance in the garden. Fruits and Vegetables That Grow in the Shade 17 Photos 22 Easy-to-Grow Annual Flowers That Thrive in the Shade 22 Photos 13 Easy Herbs To Grow Indoors 13 Photos You can grow ‘Genovese’ for Italian dishes and pesto, ‘Sweet Thai’ for Asian dishes, or one of the gorgeous purple types like ‘Amethyst Improved’ for the ornamental herb garden. Most of the popular herbs, like basil and lavender, need to be grown in full sunlight, but that doesn’t mean all herbs need tons of sun.