Two tablespoons will set you back about 100 calories so be sure and eat with caution. Laziest Vegans International Product Swap. This “cheese” is really good cold on salads. Since the burrito wasn’t frozen, we assumed heating it up would be a breeze. I have no idea what they season this stuff with, but whatever it is, it’s delish! Creamy Almond Cultured Yogurt Alternative Vanilla Bean. We never considered the impact of these actions on the animals involved. From savory burritos to sweet churros, be sure to pick up these vegan junk foods on your next grocery trip. Finding vegan frozen burritos, though, isn’t nearly as easy as their non-vegan counterparts. Shit, it's paradise for anyone who loves food. Honestly, if you want to pound the whole bag in one sitting, you’d only be set back a little over a hundred calories so it’s not even bad for you! These come with instructions for the oven and the microwave, but we didn’t follow either of them. Each one is full of protein, fiber, and tons of flavor. It’s a little too melty when it comes to putting it on top of pizza, though. PETA’s Holiday Gifts Celebrate the Gift That Keeps on Giving: Tofu! Terms for automated texts/calls from PETA: Tons of supermarkets carry Amy’s products—find one near you. Use our table below as a resource to find new vegan frozen burrito options that you may not be aware of yet. It has a slight chewiness and crunch with excellent flavor. For us it’s truly a fantastic return to the world of frozen burritos, and we think our vegetarian readers will really like this. Today, November 11th, 2020, Pizza Hut is launching their partnership with Beyond Meat by offering Beyond Sausage on their pizzas. Then we list each variety, or “flavor”, of burrito that is vegan. We would definitely file this under “mild.”. You don’t have to be anti-carb to enjoy this crust. Alpha Foods sets themselves apart from everyone else with their unique flavors, including Philly, Pizza and Chik’N Fajita. Chris Cooney (aka “The Vegan Zombie” on Instagram) says that they’re “the best” frozen burritos he’s ever had. Whichever way you prefer to enjoy your burritos, these vegan frozen options are sure to satisfy. It’s so creamy and smooth it tastes just like the buffalo sauces you’ve come to know and love. You can also take it out of the packaging and claim you made it. But even so, it brings us great joy to return to our roots and take a new frozen burrito for a test drive. Spring Rolls are LIFE! The best places you can get diamond jewelry at an affordable price, 2017 Vegan and Cruelty Free Holiday Gift Guide, The short and sweet Veganomicon Thanksgiving 2017 recipe list, Stella McCartney Thinks This Technology Will Save The World, Cake Maker to the Stars--Vegan and Gluten-Free, Introducing Scarves for Justice by Louzilla Lovegood. Great quality at great prices. They pack a huge tangy and spicy taste that is out of this world. We have compiled the ultimate list of vegan frozen burritos. Find them at Target, Kroger, and other locations—search your zip code to find your nearest supermarket. Vegan Ranch Dip After years of begging, Trader Joe’s launched its first vegan ranch rendition in August 2019. Simple theme. If you don’t, the crust will kind of melt causing all of your pizza and toppings to drop through the metal racks in the oven and make an enormous mess …not that it’s ever happened to me. With everything from two different styles of breakfast burrito to Mexican and Italian flavors, you’re almost certain to find something to fit your taste buds. That’s why we’re thrilled to be trying Trader Joe’s Mildly Spiced Organic Vegetable Burrito today. The shelves of your neighborhood grocery store are filled with vegan copycats of classic snack foods like dairy-free Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter Cups and Chili & Lime Flavored Rolled Corn Tortilla Chips. With the smorgasboard of things inside, this actually ends up with a tiny bit of a barbecue taste to it. There’s so much to love at Trader Joe’s (besides their awesome prices). No problem! Their vegan burritos carry the Vegan Certified stamp. We know and love Amy’s Kitchen for its many vegan soup, chili, pot pie, and frozen-entrée options, and the company does not disappoint in the frozen burrito department, either. Trader Joes, why aren’t you closer to our house!?! Pick up a two-pack of the Mildly Spiced Organic Vegetable Burritos—you won’t be disappointed. Are you near a Trader Joe’s? In the morning, opt for the gluten-free breakfast burrito featuring tofu, potatoes, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, vegan sour cream, “cheeze,” and salsa. Still, it does have a little bit of kick to it. This is the perfect addition to your quick dinners lineup. No one will even notice they’re vegan. Hearty and full of flavor. They’re also not a completely vegan company, they make both vegan and vegetarian items. It contains some jalapeño, but it’s not intense enough to send you running for a cold glass of milk. Trader Joes, why aren’t you closer to our house!?! The chocolate is smooth and creamy just like the sunflower seed butter center. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Plus a bag has over 260% of your daily vitamin C! Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I, however, have zero cooking skills and that’s why I love frozen burritos. Pizza Hut Adds Beyond Sausage to their Menu One of those frozen burritos, the Bean & Rice Burrito, is vegan. They’re readily available at Walmart, among other locations. The Breakfast Burrito is made of organic potatoes, tofu, black beans, veggies and salsa. Want more vegan tips and news? You have to bake the crust alone for 20 – 25 minutes before adding on any toppings. Current subscribers: You will continue to receive e-mail unless you explicitly opt out by clicking, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. It’s delicious, satiating, and packed with nutrients, including 60% of the daily recommended value of vitamin C. It’s also vegan, which makes it a convenient choice for anyone avoiding animal products. Warning Signs You Have Leaky Gut and How to Start Healing Today, The Ultimate List of Vegan Convenience Foods: 24 Foods You Need To Try Today, Vegan / Keto Smackdown: 11 Astonishing Reasons Why Vegan Wins Every Time, Vegan Weight Loss Made Easy: 11 Tips to Try Today. As long as it doesn’t contain animal products, we list it. We hope VeggL makes your day a little bit better! Or dinner. My favorite is the 2-pack of organic sprouted tofu.