The short answer would be YES, but the long answer would be ‘conditions Even more surprisingly for a smallish budget bike, the mirrors are useful, far from a given on a small bike and too many larger ones, and it’s got a very brightly optimistic and informative colour TFT screen which gives you speed, revs, gear, fuel, temperature and even the date, in case you forgot what day it was during lockdown, and never got the hang of it since. So, should you buy the KTM 390 Duke if you plan on riding This is because the bike is rather complicated in construction and electronics. warning light on The rims are alloy and will make you nervous if you hit a pothole at higher speeds. #pho, So what do you do on Phi Phi once the sun goes dow, Maya Bay, Thailand I write from experience that covers over 12,000 km. The tyres are rather long-lasting. But on a bike weighing 159kg, or about the same as one of Kim Kardashian’s buttocks, 43bhp is just the ticket. 800 a year. Wet Weight: 359 lbs. Our. The racy 390 Duke … It is also not an argument for or against the KTM 390 Adventure due to come out soon. I ended up getting the smallest one sold by Rynox because it came with magnets that held fast. 2019 Bajaj Dominar 400 vs KTM 390 Duke: Road Test Comparison. Seat Height: 32.7 in. This means the bend at the knee can be a bit uncomfortable after some time. There’s only one disc up front, but with a mere 159kg of bike to bring to a halt, it’s more than adequate, especially with a nifty slipper clutch to stop the back wheel locking during aggressive downshifting. It is an investigation into its ability as a travel companion. 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It’s £13.99 in paperback or £3.99 Kindle on Amazon, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Since the tyres are tubeless, fixing a puncture isn’t very difficult. Right, Time to Race, as the KTM motto which appears on the screen when you switch on says. The tyres are great for the road but not so great if the road ends, and it gets wet. KTM has an EXCELLENT service network, making it easy to find a service station in most towns and cities. The power makes it a little annoying in the first and second gears in start-stop traffic. It is also incredibly well balanced and controls its weight well. Most of the things I come across are a result of time, riding conditions,and wear and tear. Boots: Sidi Vertigo Lei. Mind you, the fuel gauge is unlikely to move in your lifetime; since the bike sips fuel more frugally than a spinster having a Christmas sherry, I’d say the range is anything up to 260 miles in normal riding. This is not a standard review of the KTM Duke 390. The 390 Duke fits the latter bill in a way that inspires bladed metaphors: shredding through traffic, carving up corners, it slices, it dices…but no, it won’t make julienne fries. KTM is daring riders to step up to its bikes’ expectations; when it last updated the 390 Duke in 2017, Team Orange upped the claimed peak horsepower and torque by one each, to 44 and 27 respectively, gave it a bigger 3.5-gallon tank, raised the seat height by more than one inch to 32.7 inches, reduced the wheelbase by nearly half an inch and the trail by 0.2-inch for quicker steering on an already nimble machine and raised the curb weight by 19 pounds, from 340 to 359 (about five of those pounds are attributed to the increase in fuel capacity). (low/avg/high) 33.6/44.1/55.6. Since it wasn’t designed to be a tourer, it doesn’t have luggage racks, which means that you don’t have too many places to hook up the bungee cords. It has been built well, so it is not prone to breaking down. The blade-like metaphors are accurate; the 2018 390 Duke is in its element on tight, technical twisties, the extra mass nearly disappearing as it slices and dices, while the 4-piston ByBre opposed radial caliper squeezing a big 320mm front disc makes reining in the little Duke a breeze. Get £30 off your insurance here:, When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Before I go ahead and do a review of the 390 Duke as a tourer, you should know that I have had this bike for a while now. I guess you could call it the “Fun-O-Matic.”, Base Price: $5,449 Jacket: AGV Sport Xena Final Drive: X-ring chain You have entered an incorrect email address! Revised suspension uses progressive springs both front and rear, and while the cartridge-style 43mm WP upside-down fork is not adjustable and the rear shock is only adjustable for preload, I found it to be compliant without being overly harsh or soft. KTM seems to be taking its “Ready to Race” tagline seriously lately, as its bikes grow harder and edgier with each new generation (see our comparo review featuring the 1290 Super Adventure S here), and despite being the smallest in the U.S. lineup (along with its fully faired RC390 brother) the 390 Duke is no exception. Walking up to it, it looks like a small and slightly pissed off wasp, or possibly a 1290 Super Duke R that’s shrunk in the wash, but climb on board, and the high seat and wide bars make for a surprisingly uncramped space for even the taller chap or chapess. I will, instead, share with you my thoughts on what makes it a good tourer and what does not. You can subscribe to Orange Assist, a breakdown service offered by KTM for Rs. Some bikes are made for road trips; others are made for what you like to do in between. New posts will not be retrieved. So, at this price, you get more than most other bikes in the segment. Rather cleverly, the tacho also ticks you off if you try to thrash the engine when it’s still cold. By Rajpal SinghOct 5, 2013. . 28pg [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], KTM Duke 390 Review: 13 Things That Make It a Tourer, 13 Things That Don’t, Last night, as we sat having a nice cold , the, Going for a stroll in the rain isn't so bad if the, Another glorious sunset. KTM Duke 390 Review: A True Blue Affordable Performance Bike. And it’s both a great commuter and weekend tourer getting 80 mpg (probably drop into 70’s after break-in when I can shift at higher rpm) and 200+ mile tank range. . The footpegs are further back since it is a racer. The bike can handle it, and you don’t need to look for a purpose-built option. The price is just right, because even if the 390 Adventure is launched, it would cost a bit more than this.