Consider how a visitor may view/experience each marketing channel 1) if it was their first visit and 2) if they transitioned from another channel. Bear with us here – this one’s a little outside the box. Lieu Pham is NewsCred’s VP of Strategy and Creative Services. As always, communicate with Sales to confirm that they’re aware of your campaign and on-board with your plan for new leads and customers. We all know that in today’s disrupted marketing landscape there are more places than ever to spend dollars, and the pressure to create campaigns that integrate multiple channels and then deliver stellar results is unrelenting. Alternatively, your teams may be working well independently but be missing a major opportunity to collaborate more broadly across the organization. It resonated with people in all the right ways, and inspired a conversation about not having a conversation. It’s time to reclaim centralized oversight with content operations. Champion omni-channel marketing in the client organization. The best, most memorable campaigns are those that perfectly combine creativity and data – but how is it done? No. Whichever KPIs relate to your overarching campaign goal (e.g. Whatever your campaign goal may be, always remember to make it SMART. Events and experiences 4. With the right strategies, managers, and tools in place, you can create a never-ending cycle of integrated marketing campaigns — and wins. 1.5 million people downloaded the Burger King app as a result of the campaign, and it has since won several awards, including a Grand Prix award in the Direct Lions. Not convinced? In the face of … At a time when tensions between Mexico and neighbouring American states are high, airline AeroMexico seized the opportunity to examine the divide, and make a proactive attempt to bridge the gap. We know what to do exactly because of our foundation in print. Maybe you’ve launched a new product, service, or initiative and want to get it in front of customers — like Southwest’s Transfarency. Southwest has used almost every possible marketing channel to broadcast this campaign: a dedicated landing page on which you can purchase tickets, print advertisements posted along airport walls and tucked behind airplane seats, a slew of video spots, and plenty of user-generated content on their social media. Definitely. She’s also the author of The Integrated Marketing Organization: How to Lower Content Waste, Increase Collaboration, and Turbocharge Performance. It’s also more effective to run integrated marketing campaigns as compared to campaigns on individual channels. And, exactly as intended, it resonated with a huge range of people. It’s similar to multi-channel marketing, except integrated marketing is what aligns the message you’re sharing on all of those channels. Over more than four decades, this has required a commitment to streamlining workflow, processes and logistics; expanding into digital channels to amplify our clients’ print messaging; developing increasingly sophisticated consumer insights and data to drive direct mail; and always incorporating ROI measurement into our deliverables. 3: We’re contributing to the internet version of noise pollution. Smash apart marketing org silos once and for all, especially the segregation of “content marketing” from the rest of the marketing organization. In 2019, Google launched its “Year in Search” campaign focused on the different types of heroes searched for by the world. As you construct your integrated marketing campaign, there are a few key strategies and best practices to keep in mind. I discussed Southwest Airlines' consistent branding at the beginning of this article. Integrated marketing also works to align the primary brand message that’s being delivered through your marketing channels and assets. The ad itself is an examination of American perceptions of Mexico, presented with a fun twist – the people interviewed in the ad (some of whom are decidedly anti-Mexico) are given a discount on flights to Mexico based on what percentage of their DNA is Mexican. ), Messaging guidelines (pain points, goals, types of content, resources, etc. and will know how to tailor the campaign content to be the most successful; and 2) putting one person in charge of all channels may be overwhelming and will cause the content and campaign to suffer. ‘Donate Your Words’, by Cadbury and agency VCCP, creatively draws attention to the loneliness felt by the older generation. We discovered that, contrary to our client’s assumption that its target audience was made up of women, a majority of active customers were men. 2: Customers don’t care about your corporate silos. It’s the perfect example of creative advertising with purpose at its core. And we often blame this shifting and fragmented media landscape for our inability to reach ad-avoiding customers, improve poor engagement rates, and resuscitate diminishing brand growth. Position content as an asset that should be managed like all business IP. All rights reserved. In today’s omni-channel world — with consumers encountering your brand online, on social media, and on their daily commutes — integrated marketing is more important than ever to capture new customers and build brand recognition and loyalty. 2019 will be a critical year for marketing organizations to adopt an integrated approach, and early adoption brings first market advantage. reports, and other updates! As the #MeToo movement swept the globe, conversation around equality roared into the limelight, and Gillette grabbed hold of that momentum. A lot of these common marketing organization challenges stem from lack of alignment and governance. HubSpot uses the information you provide to us to contact you about our relevant content, products, and services. Along with that we’ve grown our content creation capabilities until we are now the largest onsite provider of content, working in-house with our clients at businesses across the U.S. No. When these do come together, it creates a truly integrated marketing campaign, like these: 1. National Cinnamon Bun Day is a big deal in Sweden. Free and premium plans, Customer service software. 2: Customers don’t care about your corporate silos. The truth is, not really – at least not the way it should, and can. Harvard Business Publishing is an affiliate of Harvard Business School. Carefully-picked examples of past hits, and some clever wordplay, were curated to showcase the idea that while life may change, your listening habits don’t. When data and a creative idea collide, you end up with the Whopper Detour. experience has become a critical mandate for marketing leaders. While not every integrated marketing campaign or promotion needs to be on all of your channels, they should at least complement each other to avoid a fragmented brand experience for customers. Now that you know your overarching integrated marketing campaign goal, you probably have a better idea of what channels (if not all of them) can help you reach that goal. The empty packaging is accompanied by a moving video, which uses artful storytelling to showcase the experiences of older people who feel alone. Download our free Persona Templates to easily organize your audience segments and make your marketing stronger. The campaign sparked a lot of conversation, with mostly positive sentiment – though unorthodox, Pressbyran’s method was innovative, and their intentions good. Brands are everywhere, and so are their ads. For example, say a customer saw your new billboard on their way to work and, once they arrived, visited the website that was on the billboard. National outdoor retailer – We did a deep dive and analyzed content creation across multiple departments, then reorganized it into a single content hub, facilitating collaboration. SiriusDecisions has found that 60-70% of content goes unused in B2B organizations, representing hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars of waste. We packed a whole lot of insight, expert opinion, and handy hints into our Marketing Leader’s Guide to Campaign Planning – grab your free copy to start squeezing the most out of each and every campaign. Purpose-driven campaigns are all the rage, and the New York Times is no stranger to them. Examples of interactive marketing campaigns include: 1. Next, consider how your leads will be nurtured once they convert. On billboards. We are all familiar with the chaos of the modern consumer journey and rising consumer expectations for personalization and convenience. There are 10 major marketing “channels” that you can use to distribute your campaign content. They build trust with visitors as they see a consistent message on multiple channels.