There you can give your audience a name and save it. This could work well when you want to see if a particular feature would appeal to your existing users in an involuntary manner. Let's say I own a webshop that sells products related to this type of meditation and I'm looking to learn more about the audience. When they deprecated the Facebook Audience Insights API, Facebook stated that they want their advertisers to use the Audience Insights interface - instead of interfaces developed by third-party developers. But over time they've also removed valuable functionality like the feature to analyse custom audiences. – shows only users who have specific interests. What do they like? The Facebook page might have a following of 40.000 people while the interest with the same name only has a 20.000 people audience size. The biggest issue is…Facebook doesn’t show you which ones you can and can’t target. A campaign is further split into Ad Sets where you can assign an audience and a budget (remember, in Facebook’s lingo this is a set of users who share certain traits). It's listed in the 'Analyze and Report' section of the menu (see screenshot below). It's not publicly available, because it comes as a bonus with. I ❤︎ startups, , podcasts, classic rock, Scorsese, non-fiction & traveling. As promised in my earlier blog post on the need for demand validation, in this post I want to share how you can use Facebook’s marketing tools such as Ads Manager and Audience Insights to validate your product’s value hypotheses while you’re building it. This article will show you how you can use Audience Insights on Facebook... even if you've never run an ad before! With Ads you can experiment with creatives (images, screenshots), copy, placement (News Feed, Right Column), call-to-actions and much more. We decided to build our own Chrome extension with the same functionality. I can aso see the age range distribution of that audience. I built my. It's very interesting to see which pages are likely relevant to them. I think if you've read our guide until this point, you'll see Facebook Audience Insights is a very useful tool. For generating better performance, follow the image guidelines and if you’re looking to boost posts, follow their sharing checklist. The Facebook Audience Insights tool is built in to Facebook Ads Manager and is used by many advertisers to analyse demographics and likes of their audience. In short: Facebook Audience Insights Plus is a Chrome extension that saves you a lot of time when doing audience research. Therefore most of the existing articles and guides on this topic are outdated. For a more targeted reach, select only those users who live a particular location and bring radius down to 25 miles. Have an idea, but no app development skills? Good luck with your interest research! ( Log Out /  Our Buddhist meditation audience has an affinity score of 2462x with the Tara Brach Facebook page. – filter results to show users from specific cities and countries only. By the end of this article, you'll be an expert when it comes to using the Facebook Audience Insights tool for better targeting and understanding your target audience. This extension is not available separately, but comes as a bonus with. Want to know more about who your audience … ​The affinity score is a score that indicates how likely your audience is to like a given Facebook page compared to everyone on Facebook. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Otherwise you'll use the 'Everyone on Facebook' option to create an audience profile to analyse. For better results, make sure your creatives contain copy that is short and succinct. Especially the section to find relevant Page Likes. That's when I discovered that Facebook's Marketing API returns all the available interest to target related to any topic - so a lot more than just 25. If you have tried Facebook Ads recently for market research, do share your thoughts in comments below. We'll update this ultimate guide, so you'll be in the know when something changes. If you have limited design skills, I’d recommend using a tool like, Using Facebook Audience Insights for Market Research, blog post on the need for demand validation. One needs to remember that the goal here is not retargeting users, but conducting a market research. If yes, you can still start right away by ‘building’ a product. Maybe they are just trying to be nice, hence give a feedback that’s on the positive side or don’t really understand if they will stick to using this product (read retention) weeks or months later.