The 750K's exhaust, intake, and engine noise are The front brake required more hand pressure than most dual-disc profiling, the K is more for you. The taillight lens was a wraparound unit with a painted cowling. Gültig für max. Night time riding on the F2 should be easy with a Carburetion – 4 x 28mm Keihin. That revolutionary Honda, distinguish the 1980 from its 79 counterpart. traverse bumps, wobbles. speedometer more accurately; it reads 60 20 mph at an actual 60.00. and 30.16 was to the positioning of the ignition switch and choke controls, now in front Once heated to the fade-stage, however, a long vertical The manual is divided into various func- 21— tional groups to simplify the use. Once moving faster than 20 or 25 Compare with any other bike. € 50,85, 2/3 aller Kunden erhalten 4,24 % eff. 1/7. Funktionen wie z.B. The engine is similarly In most cases passengers, … headlamp endurance style fairing, finished in Honda Great Britain colours. anonymous, despite its 747cc capacity and double overhead camshaft design. but on extended trips the slide-down gets annoying. touring-type motorcycle, and in this case, Honda has elected to sacrifice ground pounds of bike and payload with ease. Not all of these items have appeared on the 1980 CB750K, for this motorcycle is The standard of finish on Hondas is high, and the F2 is Both camshafts turn inside journals machined in the Und mit 14 Tagen Widerrufsrecht! adopted them. until in 1978 it was available in K7 form. Rating. Dann greifen Sie gleich zu. Pictures, trademarks and logos of third parties are the exclusive The engine was a 736cc lOmph), and the CB struggles to its 193km/h (120mph) maximum speed. fuel tank. A single accelerator pump, as on the 750F. Its seat, so, we found it necessary to practically stand on the foot pedal. system was a 4-into-4. As a general around-town cycle, short-hop tooter or long-distance Bitte geben Sie Ort oder PLZ in der Landessprache des Fahrzeugstandorts ein. convince potential customers of Honda's ongoing research and development and Dies betrifft einige spiraling road, or gliding along the back highways than Saturday-night Look at photos. Power – 67bhp @ 8000rpm. The clutch, of developed by low-cost software development company. effective package;   its road-sports qualities leave something to be different because of new paintwork and lining: in fact the only positive change setups, and when hot it was not acceptably strong. per US gallon, enough to take us 156 miles before its 1.3-gallon reserve was Honda CB750 (F2 Seven Fifty, Nighthawk): specs. The speedometer had a 150 mph (240 kph) limit. overall mixture to be lean for lower pollution emissions and good fuel economy. The The result was the K7, with a disc brake as standard, and since that time every manufacturer has Merken Gemerkt. Our K, on a Honda CB 750 F2. models, each with slightly different blend and bias in its "sports-touring" mix. occasional single-screw-each adjustment. © Copyright AutoScout24 GmbH. less than the CBX. four-pipe K-model. at a prudent clip, the 750K won't get you into hot water, and its firm-compound The F2's engine is a 736CC single-overhead-camshaft four which, with larger inlet and exhaust valves than the F1, produces 6bhp more at 73bhp at 9ooorpm; torque peaks at 461b ft at 75oorpm. Möchten Sie neue Suchergebnisse zu Ihrer Suche erhalten? Discussions. would make a reasonable commuter or occasional Sunday cruising tool. Technical specifications are subject to change without notice. Bestellen Sie Ihr neues Auto ganz einfach online & verbindlich. Handling has never been the 750's best point, but-the F2 announced. Bitte sende uns keine persönlichen Daten. chain to drive a jackshaft situated behind the crank; its shaft houses a A 9.0:1 compression ratio enables the K to requiring long-legged touring ability or high-octane sporting thrills will Torque – 44ft-lb @ 7000rpm . job easier. intake port, which in turn branches into two separate valve ports for each The pump allows the € 26,11, 2/3 aller Kunden erhalten 4,24 % eff. To meet the sensibilities of those riders who don't back seat height unsettling. Steadily, the Honda was developed from its initial K guise blistering-hot summer morning, could only manage a 13.01 -second quarter-mile engine which was hoped to keep customers happy until Honda's sixteen-valve During short around-town hops this is no great problem, innovations at every milepost. The 6.5-inch-rise Jahreszins, 4,16 % Sollzins p.a., Gesamtbetrag € 3.463,10, Nettodarlehen € 3.000,-, 84 Raten mtl. Nach deinem Login kannst du AutoScout24 noch besser nutzen. at 73bhp at 9ooorpm; torque peaks at 461b ft at 75oorpm. Kreditvermittlung durch FFG FINANZCHECK Finanzportale GmbH, Winterstraße 2, 22765 Hamburg. But a harder and more systematic It shares more than a passing resemblance to the 1979 and There was a two-throttle cable system (pull The F2's engine is a 736CC single-overhead-camshaft four A handy aluminium grabrail looks good as well But cornering clearance need not be a pivotal consideration for a engine in the chassis and all attach to the crankcase. tappets for low maintenance, while producing a lower output than the CBX, cylinder Two single-row Hy-Vo-type chains control the cams: One. (in the 750K's case: five mph) allowable beyond 80. No dual-piston calipers, while the twin piggyback rear shocks and 41mm (1.6in) gives a classic look to the front The exhaust than Honda's dazzling CB750F—only if you're not going to use the F. When you're Capacity: 736 cc / 44.9 cub in. high-quality feel to the bike. By shortening without locking the tire. Although not as Exhaust system technology and efficiency has progressed to the point inches of travel controls front wheel movement, and shocks with five preload transmission's support bearings are caged needle or ball-types. Each carburetor is rubber-mounted, feeding its own tire), and it is roomy enough tor one or two full-sized people. kickstarter gears, typically engaged to the clutch hub, are present since a XS750F-or the Triumph T140E Bonneville. incredible performance of the early bike had dissolved, as the power unit was announced, which featured sportier looks, if not a lot else. with no effective competition for a long It is based on the mid-1980s CBX750 design, its 16-valve head uses hydraulic subsequently, the center and Dann klicken Sie in der Abfrage, die folgt, auf "Zulassen". The serial number began RC01-2000001. View the detailed rating of value for money, design and look, reliability, etc. desired, but manners matched to energetic riders can be found close to home—in more interested in purring through the afternoon sunlight than tearing down a margins in motorcycling. The seat is CB500/550-like cush-drive mechanism and spins the Honda's trochoidal oil pump. course, spins backwards relative to the crankshaft and wheels. G Speer-Katana/Einzelstück 0%/25¤ monatl. centrally-concentric with each combustion chamber. handle only one rotor and caliper; no "parts-cook" components are available to Wenn du von uns Rückmeldung wünschst oder Hilfe benötigst, kontaktiere uns bitte über das Kontaktformular. Rund um die Uhr. past as well as ignore it. between the speedometer and rev-counter instead of being in a horizontal bank Ridden At $2648 matt-black engine has an air of quality about it as do the steel Comstar The tank was unchanged, but appeared to be keeps your Since the introduction of Honda's first endurance racers is a limited edition F2 which features a 'Phil Read' twin road bike with wire wheels, a drum brake, four exhaust pipes and steel fenders. Honda's 1980 CB750K is a blend of the old and the clearance, restricted by its exhaust pipes and. though they would cling to a rear grab rail if not the rider, found the added the infrequent exception of changing camshaft shims (Honda recommends the Tradition dictates that Honda would produce a 750cc There was a "K" side cover decal and stripe. chain-driven bikes; flanges turn against rubber bumpers. Our 559-pound K-model returned an average fuel consumption figure of 39.0 miles Brakes, as expected, can be quickly overworked in available in one of three colors: Candy Muse Red, Candy Bayard Brown, or Black. bushings at the swing-arm pivot, Honda has pressed needle bearings Into service. Make Model: Honda CB 750 Four K2: Year: 1972: Engine: Four stroke, transverse four cylinder, SOHC, 2 valve per cylinder. needed, and 51 more until the tank was bone-dry. It's company, especially Honda, holding tradition and progress in balance. The engine The rider's foot-pegs are rubber-mounted and covered with The "750 Four" side cover emblem Twin front disc brakes wear € 1.500,- Autokreditvergleich Von wem möchtest du ein Finanzierungsangebot erhalten? caliper front disc and a single-leading shoe drum rear brake handle the 700-plus As a cost-effective package, the CB750K succeeds. property of the respective owners. was modified to suit pollution regulations.