Join Big Ed’s Fishing at one of the premier trout lakes in the United States. I’m glad Friday was better a day for you Dave. Though there is some good dry fly fishing from time to time, it is sporadic and this section is most commonly a nymph fishery. Just a note to say Thank You for the trip. November 5, 2020. There is a ton of variety on this river. For those coming from Denver or Colorado Springs, Antero Reservoir is a great option and makes for an easy and fun day trip. Many small fish are up here making it good for beginners. Safe ice usually begins to form around the first part of December. Knowing what flies to use is only have the battle. I’ve tried several times to get people to share their favorite SP flies. For groups larger than 4 add $75 per person! The South Fork is nearly identical in characteristics as the middle fork, but has a little more access. Antero Reservoir is an artificial water reservoir in the South Central part of Colorado, and was created by the first dam placed on the South Platte River in Park County. We don’t have a magic wand to always make the fish bite, but we do combine a wealth of knowledge, experience, and hard work with state of the art tackle, fishing equipment, and safe quality boats to put you in a position where opportunity meets preparation and results in success! Some of our most popular action packed Colorado guided fishing trips include casting and trolling for Rainbow and Brown trout, trolling for Kokanee salmon, jigging for trophy Kokanee salmon, jigging and trolling for Mackinaw Lake trout, casting and trolling for walleye, ice fishing for trophy pike, and fly fishing Colorado lakes for trout! Shallow average water depth allows sunlight to boost plant, and invertebrate life, which supply trout with food. man, next thing ya know you're gonna say fish close to weed beds! All the reservoirs in the area are fishing fantastic right now. Lots of small fish are located here as well and provide a fun day fishing a meandering stream. Please be a good steward of our precious resources. Antero Dam is a earth-fill dam built in 1909. We've already selected the flies we use in our fly box for this river including the sizes and colors and put them in these assortments so you can fish with the confidence that you have the right flies in your box. Antero Reservoir provides quality fishing for rainbow trout, brown trout, snake river cutthroat trout, rainbow x cutthroat hybrid trout, cutthroat trout, brook trout, and splake. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. Antero Reservoir – One of Colorado’s Best Lakes – Big fish, scenic views, the best this area has to offer. As it enters several reservoirs downstream, it provides excellent tailwater fishing for some of the largest trout in the state. All of these fish grow to trophy size in little time due to the incredible fertility of this lake and the plethora of scuds (freshwater shrimp). Midges hatch year round, but their importance is from September through winter into April. Need a place to stay in Gunnison this winter? Heck I like to show my new creations. You have to know when the insects are active on the water and when it's likely the trout are feeding on them. Antero Reservoir has been reknown for years as the home of large trout. Just sharing ideas. Antero is home to rainbow trout, brown trout, snake river cutthroat, green back cutthroat, cutbows, kokanee salmon, brook trout, and splake! Bagged and labeled the fish and plan on having some Salmon this evening!Will touch base with you about another trip and may take…, Hey this scott from the milligan fish catching party. Also the SP Special that Miles developed was THE fly Friday. Antero Reservoir (CURRENTLY DRAINED & CLOSED) is home to rainbow trout, brown trout, snake river cutthroat, green back cutthroat, cutbows, kokanee salmon, brook trout, and splake! Apparently guys are paying attention to the flies I post pictures of. The river begins up in South Park and the Middle Fork and South Fork run through the South Park area. SP Special? The Reservoir is owned by Denver Water and supplies drinking water to the greater Denver metro region almost 140 miles away. We typically offer 4-6 hour trips for 3-5 people, but can customize a trip to meet your needs! Large trout call this place home Antero is Denver Water’s first collection reservoir on the South Platte River. The area lives up to its nickname as Land of the Giants due to the fact that the fish grow fast and large. Antero Reservoir is located in South Park, Colorado near by to the “Gold Medal” Spinney Reservoir, and it also has the right environmental conditions to produce “trophy trout”. Very comfortable fishing experience. I have several but I’ll need more. November 20, 2020. I'm always available through the editor link. What are you waiting for? Call Robby @ (719) 649-3378 or email Antero Reservoir Subscribe to Receive Fishing Report Updates Rating - Unknown Lake has frozen over by a thin layer of ice, only small opening near the center of the lake remains. Colorado, the Rocky Mountains, and the Gunnison valley is home to many great fishing opportunities and Sport Fish Colorado is composed of very experienced Colorado fishing guides who spend hundreds of days a year on the water and know how to take advantage of these fishing opportunities. This lake is fairly shallow and has experienced a lot of ups and downs over the last decade, but grows trophy fish at … Most intermediate anglers will find this section to be fun but will quickly want to find bigger fish and migrate to the tailwater sections where larger fish can be found. Great trip! Antero 5-3 Post By: VINNIE Posted: 5/4/2019 10:02:56 AM Points: 733 You never know how finicky Antero will be until you step in.. 28* at 7:30 with a 10 mph north breeze made for a chilly start but conditions looked good as we both hooked up on the first throw.. Why choose us? Every reservoir except Antero provides a tailwater section below that is publically accessible  See the list below and their related tailwater sections. Fishing on one of our roomy and comfortable pontoon boats, we utilize technical trolling techniques and casting with spinning gear to target these trophies.