It's cooking after all. All pieces should be washed by hand and the product is bacteria-resistant. I must admit that I prefer this roller, over a standard roller pin. Filed Under: Guide Tagged With: KitchenAid, Marcato, Ravioli. Most of the time, these are my tools. … Your email address will not be published. …is a good option. All products easily attach to the power hub of your KitchenAid Stand Mixer –. While not made in Italy like some of the other molds on our list, and lacking a rolling pin, this mold will have you whipping up homemade ravioli and other kinds of dumplings in no time. Anodized aluminium for maximum food safety, both the ravioli maker and the rolling pin. It's supposed to be fun! The Norpro ravioli maker isn’t safe to wash in the dishwasher, but you can quickly wash it in the sink. Also works great for bigger batches and doesn’t get you frustrated when making the ravioli. We've found - through a lot of trial and error - that ravioli stamps and ravioli cutters are easier when making larger ravioli. 98. First, you should decide what kind of a ravioli maker to buy - automatic or manual. It comes with a ravioli wheel as well (or use it to cut reginette!) So, take your pick and buy the one that suits your needs the best. It will help spread the filling evenly and keep everything sealed in. Rather than worrying about running dough through a machine or removing it from a mold or a tray, ravioli stamps offer you an easier alternative so that all you have to do is apply an egg wash binder and stamp it. One of many different ravioli mold styles made and sold by Eppicotispai, this one allows you to make 24 ravioli at once. Between coming up with the filling recipe, rolling out the dough, and cutting out the ravioli, there's a lot for people to do together and a lot of fun to be had. Your feedback helps us make Walmart shopping better for millions of customers. Watch the step-by-step guide how to use the best ravioli maker: The Bellemain large ravioli maker can create 12 fatty ravioli in one move. And, it is quite simple to use and functions like any other manual ravioli maker mold. And, it comes with a filling scoop that you can use to easily stuff your ravioli pockets. Here are 10 of the best ravioli makers on the market today. Find more Imperia 12-Square Ravioli Maker with Rolling Pin information and reviews here. Is it worth the money? However, this mold makes only one piece of ravioli at a time and would require more time than the tray-shaped molds. While more expensive than some of the other options on our list, this product is manufactured in Italy and made from brass with a comfort-grip wooden handle. I love making ravioli with this maker, but I recommend you put a bit oil on the plastic part, to make sure nothing sticks. Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta Machine, Made in Italy, MASTER FENG Ravioli Stamp Maker with Roller Wheel Set, Marcato Ravioli Maker Stamp, Flower Shape, 2-Inch, Pasta Roller Attachment for Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, Marcato Ravioli Maker Mould, Makes 24 2-Inch Squares, Imperia 12-Square Ravioli Maker with Rolling Pin, LaGondola Bundle: 1 Square, 1 Round, 1 Pasta Cutter, Eppicotispai 24 Holes Aluminum Round Ravioli Maker, Delihom Pasta Maker with Ravioli Attachment, Imperia Ravioli Maker Set of 3 Italian Made Molds, KitchenAid is a quality brand and has well-rated attachments, This pack comes with six different pasta attachments allowing you to make more than just ravioli, Manufactured in Italy and made of high-quality material, This is a true homemade pasta starter pack for anyone who owns a KitchenAid Stand Mixer, Transforms KitchenAid Stand Mixer into bonafide multi-functional kitchen appliance, More expensive but pack includes six different pasta attachments, Must have a KitchenAid Stand Mixer for these to work, Discontinued product pack so availability is limited, Marcato is a well-known brand and this pasta machine is a quality product, Efficient tool necessary to roll pasta to make ravioli, Ten thickness settings allow you to create customized pasta, Ability to attach motor for quicker processing, Includes cutters for linguine and fettuccine, Features a table clamp for a secure fit to your work surface, Not a ravioli maker, but a tool necessary for the process, Ravioli attachment is available but sold separately, Not machine washable; wipe clean with brush and dry cloth, Ravioli stamps can be easier to use than molds simply because the dough is less likely to get stuck, This is a kid-friendly product, great for a family activity, This pack of ravioli stamps offers greater shape variety: square, round, heart, Comes with a rolling cutter, great for a variety of kitchen projects, Some concerns over the quality of the seal on the ravioli, Available in unique shapes including this flower, small and large circles, traditional squares and sun-shaped, Designed with a built-in ejector that easily releases the dough, Made in Italy by a well-respected brand known for making exceptional pasta tools, Made of quality material that makes authentic ravioli, Stamps offer more control for new ravioli makers, While it advertises a secure seal on the dough, be sure to use an egg wash, Necessary tool for any home cook, especially those who want to make pasta and ravioli, Features eight thickness settings for a variety of pasta shapes and sizes, Not a KitchenAid branded product, but it's a high-quality device that works extremely well, Great attachment for anyone who already owns a KitchenAid Stand Mixer, Not a ravioli maker but a tool necessary to make ravioli, Basic pasta roller, no bells and whistles, Must own a KitchenAid Stand Mixer for it to work, Easy to use design that's best for beginners as it offers flexibility, Multi-functional tool that can be used for a variety of other kitchen projects, Not as robust as the other options on our list, An egg wash for your ravioli is necessary with this tool to be effective, If you want uniform shapes, this is not the best option, This is a highly rated mold that's well loved by users, Not made in Italy but handcrafted in the United States, Doesn't come with a rolling pin like the other models on our list, Made with quality material that's durable, Manufactured in Italy by a well-respected Italian brand, Makes 24 ravioli at once; ideal for large parties, If the mold isn't floured properly, it can be difficult to remove ravioli/dough, Some reviewers have concerns over the depth of the filling cavities, This product is made in Italy by an iconic brand, Unique design from Imperia makes for an easier ravioli making process, Concerns over the depth of the filling cavities, Made in Italy with professional and Italian chefs in mind, Handcrafted and made of quality materials, This pack of ravioli stamps offers greater shape variety, Simple design is easy to use by home cooks at all levels, Makes 24 portions at once; ideal for large parties, One of many ravioli mold styles sold by Eppicotispai, Some reviewers disagree over the quality of the raised edges, All-in-one machine rolls pasta, cuts and makes ravioli with included attachment, Great purchase for anyone just starting to make pasta and ravioli, Hand-wash only but cleaning brush is included, Budget-friendly but quality is not as great as the other items on our list, Imperia is a quality brand known for making great pasta tools, This set offers home cooks variety: three different molds that feature three different shapes, Smaller ravioli shapes are more difficult to make, Large holes in the frame make for oversized ravioli, Exceptional cutting frame securely seals the ravioli and cuts them with ease, Doesn't come with rolling pin like the other models on our list.