Despite the loss of the other black diamonds, the disembodied Eclipso then tries to possess Superman by antagonizing him through many deaths. [19] With the help of Essence the other heroes manage to trap him again in the black diamond, which is then sent to somewhere safe. Your first post was ambiguous, I don't know if you said that the Starheart didn't help him, or the feat with the Starheart is nothing impressive. This incarnation of Eclipso was never shown using any power but his eye blasts. [28], Eclipso is the primordial manifestation of God's wrath and was responsible for the Great Flood of Biblical fame. He conquered the South American country of Parador by possessing one person at a time. [8] He eventually possesses Superman by upsetting him via his possession of Lois Lane. No, it was in countdown to mystery, a tie-in to countdown to final crisis, i could post scans if you like. [7], In the early 1990s, DC retconned Eclipso in a company-wide crossover built around the miniseries Eclipso: The Darkness Within. During this period, Eclipso was portrayed as a conventional villain, possessing super strength, partial invulnerability, and eye blasts (aided by his black diamond). He absorbed it then slashed a hostess spectre who just got out of his host, and was weak. Eclipso was revealed not simply to be Bruce Gordon's dark half, but a vengeance demon who had possessed Gordon. [29] In later publishing his powers have grown ever still, showcasing vast cosmological if not reality bending capability at his peak being able to cause a solar eclipse drowning the entire world in darkness. In the Day of Vengeance miniseries, which tied into the Infinite Crisis event, Jean Loring, ex-wife of Atom (Ray Palmer) and murderer of Sue Dibny as seen in the Identity Crisis miniseries, discovered the last black diamond in her prison cell, became the new Eclipso and tricked Spectre into attacking magic-based heroes as her revenge against Shazam, who was eventually slain while fighting the Spectre. [17], In September 2011, The New 52 rebooted DC's continuity. [32], In Justice League 3001, Terry Magnus is brought to Lady Styx who transforms the former into her new servant, Eclipso. The Spectre was not the first embodiment of the wrath of God, but was Eclipso's replacement. He later escapes and Eclipso is tricked into possessing Superman and Superboy, which leaves Gordon to be taken into custody and the black diamond is destroyed. With the Justice League outnumbered, Eclipso then reveals his ultimate goal is to somehow kill God. As the Flash (Teri Magnus) speeds away to alert the other members, Eclipso confronts her and reveals that he is her brother Terry. Gordon and Bennet were taken on a tour and shown various atrocities, such as piles of children's corpses. [15] With the moon destroyed, Eclipso then seemingly kills Donna Troy, the physically strongest remaining member of the Justice League. In Week Twenty-Seven of 52, Ralph Dibny, on a quest to restore his wife Sue to life and guided by the helmet of Doctor Fate, approaches the Spectre and promises to fulfill any bargain that the Spectre demands in order to restore his wife to life. ), increasing his size to that of a giant, absorbing the powers of the Spectre, and projecting powerful energy from his hands that can stun or kill his opponents. It was revealed in Countdown To Mystery that all of Eclipso's black diamonds were mined on Apokolips millennia ago and that Eclipso was created by Darkseid. Eclipso revealed that he dare not kill Gordon and Bennet, because their unborn child will time travel to the past as an adult and free Eclipso from the diamond. After attempting to make her Darkseid's concubine, however, Mary rebels and attempts to kill her.[3]. Midnight, the Creeper, Commander Steel, Manhunter IV (a Mark Shaw ringer), and Major Victory. With his hold weakened, Eclipso attempts to escape by drawing on Killer Frost's darkest desire, but since all she truly wants deep down is to make a difference, she is able to throw Eclipso off, leaving him trapped in the diamond once again while Lord is imprisoned. You want me to prove that the Starheart is one of the top magical forces in the DCU? A prominent method of attack he uses is to continuously trigger his transformations in close proximity to Superman, resulting in the lightning striking Eclipso. In a Biblical context, Eclipso was responsible for Noah's Flood, while the Spectre was the Angel of Death who slew the first-born Egyptian children. Eclipso is able to overshadow anyone who touches or comes into contact with the cursed Heart of Darkness gem, controlling the host's powers and influencing their behaviors and memories to Eclipso's own ends. Eclipso was finally defeated when the Phantom Stranger gathered all one thousand black diamond shards and fused them back together into the Heart of Darkness, imprisoning Eclipso again. He can then strengthen his host by either enhancing their normal capabilities or bestowing them with new powers. While in the jungle to view a solar eclipse, Gordon was attacked by a tribal sorcerer named Mophir. And yes, prove that it is one of the 'most powerful forces in DC'. The Spectre then warns Shazam that he has made an enemy of Eclipso and that the currently-hostless Spectre will no longer be able to defend him as he lacks the coherence necessary to effectively recall anything beyond his 'mission'. Just as the members of the JLA prepare to wage a counterattack, Eclipso destroys the moon, apparently dooming all life on Earth. I would place Despero above Eclipso from what ive seen of him normally and neither of them are on Darkseids level who is comparable to Thanos. "Bob Haney Interviewed by Michael Catron Part Four (of Five) « The Comics Journal", Index of Eclipso's Pre-Crisis appearances, Last Days of the Justice Society of America,, Fictional characters with spirit possession or body swapping abilities, Supervillains with their own comic book titles, Articles with obsolete information from October 2013, All Wikipedia articles in need of updating, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, A variation of Alex Montez appears in the series. Daekseid was able to wreck Eclipso, and Darkseid and Thanos are about the same powerful, so while I don't like using ABC logic I'll say that since Darkseid was able to beat Eclipso, Thanos should be able too as well. With these tattoos, Montez can summon all the powers of Eclipso by triggering the diamond with his anger, while remaining in control of himself and keeping Eclipso trapped within. Furthermore, his influence can exacerbate the darker impulses of individuals who come under his sway and those whom he possesses undergo a visible transformation; gaining a more monstrous physical appearances.