Ask your question. Revolution 14 Foremost Pros and Cons of the Green Revolution Environment Most farmers, these days, practice modern farming methods under Green Revolution, which is a movement pushed by the government as an alternative solution to traditional agriculture. The economy of some country is mostly depend on agriculture and farming related business. Log in. are solved by group of students and teacher of Class 9, which is also the largest student community of Class 9. Irrigation Methods – A Beginners Guide. Tag: Disadvantages Of Modern Irrigation Methods. Cocoa Cultivation Information Guide. Your Email I accept the privacy policy. Modernization in the farming methods has led to the increase in the quality of production. Log in. Jagdish Reddy. Modern farming methods increase the production in almost every sector. Products, such as eggs, meat, and other agricultural items that are easily available in many supermarkets today are produced using modern intensive farming methods. Join now. Modern agricultural facilities generally use large quantities of pesticides and fertilizers, which are designed to extend crop production seasons and rid crops of insects and worms. What are disadvantages of modern methods of farming Get the answers you need, now! If the answer is not available please wait for a while and a community member will probably answer this soon. The goal of this operational method is to maximize the levels of food productivity while minimizing the costs of production. Join now. Your Name. It is practiced widely by many developed economies of the world. Most facilities will raise cattle, pigs and swine, or poultry indoors using this method under conditions which receive strict controls. However, these substances contain many synthetic compounds, which cause harm to plants and animals when they enter surrounding environments. Modern Farming Methods. Its main goal is to make planting and harvesting more effective and efficient, as well as to eliminate hunger all over the world. aggarwalrishit9 aggarwalrishit9 02.05.2020 Social Sciences Secondary School +5 pts. For this it applies simple, Eco-friendly techniques and utilizes the natural resources for crop production. 1. Perhaps you are concerned about what informs the current changes in farming approaches and methodology. Factory farming is a process that rears livestock with methods that are generally intensive. There has been a revolution in the agricultural sector, informed by the advancement in the technology and the need for farmers yield a lot in the sector. Carrot Diseases and Pests, Symptoms, Control Methods . Subscribe to Get Posts in E-Mail. Using modern agriculture and farming is a must because modern farming methods can increase production and can feed the world. 1. Jay Rayner, a restaurant critic of the Observer says, Sure, it might be cruel, but intensive farming saves lives. Organic farming methods Organic farming is an approach which combines the best of traditional and modern farming technologies mixed with scientific knowledge. Government Loan for Sheep Farming in India. The Questions and Answers of What are the disadvantages of using modern farming method? Ask your question.