Prof. Dr. Pham Cong Nguyen as Vice President of PPA, Meeting for 35th anniversary 20/11 Vietnam Teacher’s day, "The 4.0 revolution and the problems posed to education and training in the People's Public Security force", The Friendship between Vietnam and Russia, Opening ceremony of the training course on "New problems in the prevention and combat against economic crime", Graduation Ceremony for students of course D39 and D26 Laos, People's Police Academy opens new school year, PPA reviews 45 years of university-level training, Information on new academic and theoretical contributions of thesis of Postgraduate student Dinh Ngoc Khoa, Celebrating the 90th Anniversary of the Foundation of Vietnamese Women's Union and Meeting the Staff of the PPA Women's Union through Periods, Information on new academic and theoretical contributions of thesis of Postgraduate student Cao Xuan Thao, 7 steps to prevent the spread of the virus, Vietnam and Russia to expand training programs for vietnamese police, The 8th “For Homeland Security” Sports Festival opening ceremony, “A Thousand Words of Gratitude” - Art show to celebrate Vietnamese Teachers' Day, Opening Ceremony of PPA’s Academic Year 2019 - 2020, 300 PPA officers and students participate in Maneuver of terrorism prevention and rescue hostage, Information on new academic and theoretical contributions of thesis of Postgraduate student Dong Dac Tho, Information on new academic and theoretical contributions of the thesis of Postgraduate Student Nguyen Ngoc Giang, PPA Cadets win the First Prize for the best paper at the 6th IUCP in 2020, Information on new academic and theoretical contributions of thesis of Postgraduate student Phan Tien Anh, Improving the effectiveness of crime prevention and fighting for the delegation of Royal Police Cadet Academy of Thailand and Korean National Police University, 7th Public Security Party Congress officially opens in Hanoi. In our day-to-day activities, we do not always notice the valuable work conducted by K9 specialists, for instance checking stadiums before soccer matches, concert halls, and other large public events like the upcoming EXPO 2017. THE FLOW OF TRAFFIC WAS ALSO AT ITS BEST, SINCE CONGESTION WAS NEUTRALIZED BY YOUR PRESENCE. The structure of every speech is the same. We wish you much success in your future work. Closing ceremony of the training course for officers, teachers planned to be Deputy Head of Division and equivalence, Colonel, Prof. Dr. Tran Minh Huong, Vice President of the PPA delivered his speech at the ceremony, The 15-2015 Working Group of the People's Police Academy heads to the Sea Island, Workshop on "The prevention and combating crimes of property robbery", The People’s Police Academy shares difficulties with ATK DinhHoa’s people, Honoring and meeting students with high achievements in Olympic competitions of 2017, Trade Union of PPA organized "Back to the Source" at Con Dao, Cultural colors of welcoming new year Festival 2018, PPA organized a volunteer program in Can Giuoc district, Congratulating 42th anniversary of Lao National Day at PPA, Announcing Decision on appointing Colonel, Assoc. Closing Remarks . Closing Ceremony Speech: RSIC2019. It is my pleasure to welcome you to the U.S. Embassy today for the official closing ceremony of the K9 Explosives Detection Training Course. [MUSIC], To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that. ... and so of course that puts it close to our hearts as well. Speech at the Closing Ceremony of High-level Symposium on Sustainable Cities and Sustainable Urbanization Qi Xiaoxia, Vice Mayor of Yangzhou Municipal People’s Government (December 18th, 2013) Your Excellency Under It will show you how bacteria become resistant and which mechanisms they might use for this. 5. I would to thank the K9 specialists that participated in the training course. Describe the most important families of antimicrobials and mode of action For foreign citizens who want to live permanently in the United States. / 0 1 � � � � � � � � � � � . The instructors explanations to the relevant topics was easy to understand. If not, if you're still going to do the quizzes, I hope you are really have a good luck with that and that you get a good mark. %PDF-1.5 %âãÏÓ Understand the concept and be able to apply genomic analysis tools used to detect resistance genes and other relevant genes from Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) data (with demonstration of selected online tools) Posted: 16 October 2019. Over the years, K9 instructors and security specialists from multiple agencies in Kazakhstan have partnered to implement the project. And there will be a number of tools that can be demonstrated to the public and we'll have the plans to do such in an e-learning format as well. After this course you should be able to: This workshop has been proactive in coming to grips with important changes taking place around the world, such as increased multicultural workforce, subcontractors from different social groups, the … n Thanks to our government counterparts, the practical exercises took place at Astana International Airport, the railway station, the EXPO site as well as other locations around the city. At the ceremony, Captain Hoang Xuan Hieu from PPA’s Administration Office, on behalf of 78 trainees, thanked the lecturers of Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics, the National Academy of Public Administration, the PPA together with leaders of General Departments and Departments of the Ministry of Public Security, who have participated in lecturing and reporting to the course as well as promised to constantly study, research and apply the knowledge that has been equipped to work in order to improve professional work as well as leadership, command at the unit, contributing to the PPA’s becoming the national key institution in 2019. 0 2 3 : I J X Y Z [ � � � � � � � � ( ) 5 6 O T _ ` a f j �����ĸЬ��Д�Ь�y�m�a�a�m�m�U�m� h!p CJ( OJ QJ aJ( h�� CJ( OJ QJ aJ( h�N� CJ( OJ QJ aJ( h[L� CJ( OJ QJ aJ( h}ci hy CJ OJ QJ aJ h-� CJ( OJ QJ aJ( ht%h CJ( OJ QJ aJ( h~G� CJ( OJ QJ aJ( h�C� CJ( OJ QJ aJ( h. Colonel, Prof. Dr. Tran Minh Huong presented Certificate of course to the trainees. This i very good course. Colonel, Prof. Dr. Tran Minh Huong, Vice President of the PPA delivered his speech at the ceremony This is the official website of the U.S. Embassy and Consulate in Kazakhstan. So, finally, we just hope that you enjoy it and that you learned In the future we might meet again. supports HTML5 video. just in front of the room and try out how these work. This i very good course. ON THE OTHER NOTE WE APPRECIATE THAT, YOU WERE ALSO INVITED TO ATTEND AN END OF YEAR PARTY FOR THE GAUTENG TRAFFIC DEPARTMENT WHEREBY YOU WERE ACCORDED VIP STATUS AMONGST THE INVITED GUEST AT VAAL DAM RIVER SIDE LODGE.