While rum is believed to originate in the West Indies, rum is made in a variety of locations. Do you prefer a great cocktail or a great sipping beverage? Last year, Branker contributed her first Master Blender Collection expression called Mount Gay Pot Still Rum, which was only distilled in pot stills, instead of the usual combination of pot and column stills. Don Papa Rum While many rums originate from the Caribbean, Don Papa Rum is from the Philippines. Although the rum has a long finish, the Don Papa Rum is delicate with slight fruity aroma. And there are so many bottles to explore from Plantation, including a range of single cask expressions and vintage releases from countries like Fiji, Panama, and Peru. This style of rum not only adds an added punch to your cocktail, but also (in some cases) allows you to incorporate fire to your presentation. pic.twitter.com/EzpLt9nFhG. For the past few years, we’ve been hearing that rum is about to have its breakout moment. Various bottlings are sourced from countries around the Caribbean, most of which are aged for a second period of time in French cognac casks. Why are we celebrating? Even though this list makes some suggestions, personal preference should drive decisions. Our friends, family, and of course our local bartender. Head on over to Distiller, or download the app for iOS and Android today. Rhum Barbancourt is the largest and best known rum producer on the island, with a range that is affordable and available with different age statements, providing solid options for sipping on its own or putting to use in an interesting cocktail. This inexpensive rum is named after Don Quixote and has been around since the end of Prohibition. This style of rum often refers to rums worthy of sipping. There are good reasons for that: Brands sometimes put meaningless numbers on bottles, leading us drinkers to mistake them for age statements, and sugar or other additives are sometimes used to adulterate flavor without any notification. These best rums are just one person’s recommendations of what are always stocked behind our home bar. If you have some brandy, you can also make a Scorpion. The island flavours take your tastebuds on a virtual vacation. Many think that this category is unaged. While this is most certainly true, they also provide depth to cocktails. Shop The Real McCoy From $20, reservebar.com. Overproof rums come in handy by cutting through all of the fruit juices often found in tiki cocktails. Take your home bar to the next level with these variations: Avuá Prata Cachaça for your caipirinhas. Often drunk on their own, similar to a bourbon, these rums can be aged 8 or more years. As permitted by Venezuelan law, there is some sugar added to the rum during aging, but the sweetness complements a palate full of banana, oak, and vanilla. Shop Appleton Estate From $24, reservebar.com. If you are looking to stock the home bar, these best rums will impress even the aspiring mixologist. The bottom line is that there is a rum for everyone, and likely from a distillery that is transparent about its process. (Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for BACARDI). Appleton Estate master blender Joy Spence, the first woman to hold that job title, … From seasonal choices like Gingerbread and Sliced Apple to the original or white, there is a Captain to serve for any and every occasion. #AwardsSzn pic.twitter.com/couj6fpRM3. Plantation O.F.T.D. Kenneth McCoy of New York’s The Rum House, sums it up: “I think we should have an idea of how [rum is] made, and if it’s made with quality ingredients, not just additives, coloring, and sugar, sugar, sugar.”.